On September 17, the nation celebrates Constitution Day - an opportunity to learn about our founding document and the people who were instrumental in "framing" it. The founders realized that the country would be growing and the document would have to adapt to changes in the future so they built into it a process to create amendments. This was crucial because the Constitution laid out the outline and responsibilities of the government, but omitted listing the rights of the citizens.

Several states would not ratify the Constitution without a guarantee of rights - and so the first ten amendments were added. Called "The Bill of Rights," these amendments ensure that the democracy the founders envisioned could become a reality. More amendments have been added in the past 225 years, but those first ten are so much a fabric of our society that they often are taken for granted.

"The Bill of Rights and You!" is a new addition to our annual Celebrate the Constitution exhibit that opens on September 9. Take some time to stop by and refresh your knowledge of this important document and the process by which amendments are added. It's all basic citizenship!



Touring Historic Fort Steuben is an opportunity to step back in time, to see what life was like for the soldiers and settlers who came to the Ohio frontier in the late 18th century.

Inside each of the buildings there are furnishings and articles that would have been typical of the time. Some of them are unfamiliar to our modern eyes. What is that gadget on the table in the Officer's Quarters? What are those medical tools in the Hospital?

To make the tour more interesting, we offer a Scavenger Hunt with photos of artifacts that are in the Fort. All the visitors who successfully complete the Scavenger Hunt leave with a special souvenir.

Can you find all the items? Come visit the Fort and try it for yourself!



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